Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hi!!! Love this blog!!!

Hi!! I am Spencer Clark, with my partner Molly Ayers. We are excited to introduce our new blog to you. Although it is not my first and only blog, it is our favorite. On this blog, we are going to teach you "All Trades". We are also going to post the new chapters of our mini books. We hope you enjoy our blog.

Introduction to Molly-

"sup, it's molly here, spencers friend and partner, my fav. phrase is "Cool Beans". anywho, going 2 turn u over 2 spencer here, peace out! Cool beans!"

Introduction to Spencer-

"Salutations! As Miss Ayers, (Molly) already communicated to you, I am Spencer Young Clark. As you probably already know, Molly is more......casual than me. I'm the nerd, and she is the "cool person". Well my "fav." phrase don't have one. But my (and Molly's) favorite book is, Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Lightning Thief- By Rick Riordan. Farewell my friends!!"


  1. Wow there is a total character difference in you two!! What will you be posting? I HATE Lighting thief series!! it is terrible, but I still really hope this blog goes well for you guys! I remember when I first started my blog, at first I was posting more than once a day but the excitement wears-off and eventually I didn't even post any more! so stay with it girls!

    I don't like to ask these sort of questions but is Spencer a girl or a boy?


    1. It's OK, It happens a lot. Spencer is a girl. We are going to post mini books, funny videos, pics, and more. It's a Jack-of All-Trades website!!!

      ~Spencer Y Clark