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hey ya'll this is molly, of course, spencer doesn't post alot now a days...... anywho, my new book, the ultimate guide to surviving a desserted island will be here...... now. if u like it PLEASE comment!!!, also, show ALL your friends this wonderfully awesome book!!

Ok listen; I did not ever intend to get
stranded on an island, but I did. So here’s how, first of all; yes I chose to
sail on a ship with the slight chance of sinking, but hey, I didn’t know it at
the time. By the way my name is Kayla Silverston, I’m 13 years old, and I am an
only child. Anyway, I was packing to leave on a trip to the Bahamas, y’know
the basics; a swimsuit, shorts t-shirt, things like that. So, sounds like a
normal vacation right? Wrong. I did not have ANY idea whatsoever that when I
left, I would be for WAY more than 3 weeks. You’re probably wondering where my
parents are, my mom, Sandra Silverston, worked at a beauty shop and was ALWAYS
telling me “Come on Kayla, you can’t wear you hair in a pony tail forever”
bet?” is what I always thought, a pony tail, old jeans with holes in them
and t-shirts were more my style. My dad, Steven Silvertston, works down at the
docks, he catches, de-guts (my mom thinks that is gross) and sells fish to
stores. It’s the coolest job ever. I spend much time as I can down there, it
feels just prefect, absolutely prefect. Anyhow,
I was packing when a voice called “Kayla! Come on, let’s go, the boat leaves in
two hours!”
“Be right there, dad!” Why were people always rushing me? I don’t
know, but my dad always wants to be ‘a little bit early.’ More like one hour
early, so I finished packing and then we hit the road.
* * * *
* * *
“Oh look, there it is!!” my mom said
I looked, and there it was, The White Lilly, I wasn’t sure what to
expect, a huge luxury ship or a normal ocean liner type thing. I figured it
would be a regular cruise ship. Man, was I wrong. It looked like a floating
plaza hotel in the shape of a ship. I mean this thing was huge; it had a giant
water slide wrapped around it. Literally, it went under, above, and to the side
of the entire ship. This looked like a promising trip. As soon as we got on I
grabbed our key, opened our room door…. and whoa. The room had its own personal
hot tub, a queen size bed, and a 48 inch flat screen TV, on top of all that
there was another room exactly like it only smaller. “That’s your room, Kayla.”
My dad said
way” I said, this was like a dream come true. I dropped my stuff on the bed and
decided it was time to explore the ship.
“Wait just a minute Kayla,” my dad said.
Ugh, I thought, here comes the
lecture. Thankfully, he skipped the lecture and just gave me my phone
“Call us if you need us” he said. I nodded
and ran off to explore the ship. It was just like any plaza hotel except way
more fun than fancy. The middle deck was where the rooms were, there was also a
giant pool and an exercise area. The upper deck was where parties were held and
first class rooms, it was also where the restraunts and activities were. The
life boats and spare life jackets were also stored their too. Lastly, I
explored the lower deck. It wasn’t much, only the caption’s room and the engine
room, I walked past it and over heard some voices, a British guy; well I
guessed he was British he sounded like one, said
“Are you sure she won’t sink, captain?”
“Of course I’m sure!” the captain snapped
“it should hold together at least until we arrive in the Bahamas, maybe
not, but it might, don’t worry, Jeremy”
My phone clattered to the floor, the
captain and his companion fell silent.
“What was that?” the British guy, Jeremy,
“I’m not sure, I’ll go see...”
The door opened, I thought fast and dove
behind a few barrels.
“That’s funny; I thought I heard something
out here”
I was breathing a soft as I could, I was
positive that my heart beat would get me busted. The captain and Jeremy
searched around, Jeremy walked over to where I was crouching, I held my breath
and waited for him to see me and throw me out, or worse, tell my parents. A
split second later the captain said
“Come on, Jeremy, there’s nothing here”
As soon as they left, I breathed a sigh of
relief that was pure luck, just pure luck
I told myself. I got out of there as fast and quietly as I could.

I thought over what the captain said on the
engine room while I ate dinner “it should
hold together at least until we arrive in the Bahamas, maybe not, but it might”
Did that mean that the ship would most
likely sink? Were we in danger? There
were so many questions running through my mind. But the biggest of all was
Will we make it to the Bahamas alive?

Chapter 2
knew I would never go to sleep that night, I was afraid if I fell asleep, the
ship would sink. I didn’t tell my parents or they might freak out, plus, they
might know it was me that over heard. And that wouldn’t be good; it might get
us thrown off the ship. So I just decided to keep it a secret, a very dangerous
secret. “Kayla, what are you doing?” my mom called room the other room
“Oh, uh, Getting ready” I had totally
forgotten our trip to the pool
“You’ve been getting ready for 10 minutes
already” my dad said
I panicked and threw on a swim suite cover
and burst through the door “I’m ready!!”
“Finally,” my dad said, “let’s go, the pool
closes and 8:00”
We walked down the hall to the pool, on the
way my dad said, “Are you ok Kayla? You look a little pale”
“I’m fine, dad” do you think I would really
flip out over a small thing like being on a ship with the slight chance of
sinking? Duh, I am freaking out here!
“Here it is” my mom said. I tried to enjoy
the pool, I mean, the water was warm and all but it’s kind of hard to enjoy
yourself when you are scared to death. At every creak I jumped and almost
yelled, when a light went off I was sure the ship was sinking. I
Still didn’t tell my mom and dad, they
would have flipped out and I didn’t want to cause a commotion. It was all so
nerve-racking, knowing this very ship could sink any minute. Then my mom’s
voice interrupted my thoughts
“Kayla, come on, the pool is closing” my
mom said. I looked around, sure enough; the workers were taking up towels. I
hurried and got out, dried off and we walked back to our room. As we walked in
I noticed the jackets hanging in the closet, as I shut the door, I wondered if
we would ever have to use them to save our lives.
* *
* * *
* *
That night, as I predicted, I could not
fall asleep, I was totally convinced that the ship would sink.
Yeah, it was time to tell my parents. I
decided that I would tell them now. I have to tell you, I was kind of nervous,
I really thought that I would get us thrown off the ship. I knew that I was
affecting the other passengers. It was so stressful, but I was determined to do
it. I walked slowly to the door and took a deep breath, I opened the door and
walked in
“Mom, Dad, I need to talk to you about
something” Ok Kayla, no turning back now I
thought, it was now or never.
“Yes?” my mom said “what is it Kayla?”
“It’s--it’s something about the ship” I
“About the ship?” my dad asked “what about
“The ship is in danger of sinking”
“SINKING!?” they both practically yelled.
“You see, I was exploring the ship and I
over heard the captain talking with another sailor and he said the ship might
not hold together and the White Lilly may
be in danger of sinking” I blurted out
“We need to get off this ship right away,
Kayla, why didn’t you tell us sooner?”
“I—I—I don’t know, I was afraid that we would
get throw off the ship and I wasn’t even sure that it would sink”
“Pack up your bags and Steven, go talk to
the captain about this.”
“Hey dad,” I said “don’t tell them I told
you just tell them you got it from somebody else”
“Okay, Kayla I won’t, just pack up and we
will leave as soon as possible.” He left
the room and my mom and I packed every thing up. All of a sudden, a loud voice
I knew at once was Jeremy’s said
“All passengers please put on your life
jackets, we have begun to sink under unknown circumstances, please remain calm
and get into the life boats, women and children first, this is not a drill”
This was it, my worst nightmare; the White Lilly would not make it to them Bahamas.
We were on a sinking ship, and we had to
get off, fast.

Chapter 3
I would have loved to have taken this
calmly, but I was totally freaking out I could not keep still it was
terrifying, and I was scared. And the storm the captain had predicted suddenly
came up, that didn’t help either Ok I
told myself just calm down and relax...
just…AAAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHH!!! I ran and got my life jacket and started to the
life boats. Then it hit me, I didn’t have my parents behind me. For an alarming
moment I panicked and with out thinking I ran to the info center to see if my
dad was there. Thankfully, he was, and then he asked me “Kayla, Where’s mom?”
“I don’t know I thought she was with you”
“And I thought she was packing up with you”
“We finished, then we headed to the life
boats, I looked behind and she wasn’t there” my dad’s face paled
“Come on,” he said, “we have to find her”
“Where do we start?” how do you find one
person in a mob of panicking, running people, I don’t know.
“Look around our rooms, she may be there” I
dashed to our room and called for my mom all the way but the tropical storm
drowned out my voice. Then in a flash of lightning, I saw her lying on the
floor, unconscious.
“Mom!” I yelled, my heart was racing wildly
“dad, where are you?!”
“Kayla!” my dad was at the top of the
stairs “hurry, we don’t have much time, the ship is almost ready to collapse”
panic sliced through my chest I nearly passed out
“Kayla….searching….fell….” my mom’s voice
trailed off “hurry…sinking…” then she slipped back into unconsciousness. Then,
the White Lilly made a loud creaking
and groaning noise, my dad looked at me “Kayla,” he said, deadly serious, run
to the life boats, now”
“Dad, what about you and mom?!”
He swallowed, “I’ll try to make it, but if
I don’t….I’ll--I’ll think of something, go Kayla, hurry” I didn’t want to but I
couldn’t disobey my dad, I dashed for the boats and yelled
“One more, one more, help, help!!” where I
got the yell, I really don’t know, I guess it just comes to the people about to
die on a sinking ship.
“Here, make room for a little girl!”
here!” I thought, not that I had anytime to correct him that I was not a little girl, my only concern was
myself getting to safety and my parents
safety. I collapsed in the boat, ready to pass out, and then was interrupted by
a CRACK!! And then a WHOOOM!! I looked and saw then White
Lilly, ---- well--- in a word, blow up. Wreckage rained down from the ship mom, dad I thought, then a piece of ship
hit me square in the head and then… I blacked out. When I woke up, I was
floating in the middle of the ocean in the ruins of a small life boat, all
alone, nobody to help me, stranded in the middle of the ocean. My only thought;

nice cliff hanger, huh?, any ways, the rest of the book will be coming out soon, so pllease comment if u want it 2 come soon!!!

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Hey ya'll, here is a list of blogs that we think R totally rad. (in other words, so awesome)
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So hope you like the blogs!!

Molly (the awesome) :)
hey y'all sup, how's it going? anyway, my new book, the ultimate guide to surviving a deserted island, is coming soon, as soon as i can get it done. be looking 4 it i know ya'll will love it

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BMS Messaging

I am messaging this to Molly J Ayers, at 8:28 pm:

Hey!!! Molly, Email me to get the account password. Sorry I didn't give it to you earlier. =(


Hi!!! Love this blog!!!

Hi!! I am Spencer Clark, with my partner Molly Ayers. We are excited to introduce our new blog to you. Although it is not my first and only blog, it is our favorite. On this blog, we are going to teach you "All Trades". We are also going to post the new chapters of our mini books. We hope you enjoy our blog.

Introduction to Molly-

"sup, it's molly here, spencers friend and partner, my fav. phrase is "Cool Beans". anywho, going 2 turn u over 2 spencer here, peace out! Cool beans!"

Introduction to Spencer-

"Salutations! As Miss Ayers, (Molly) already communicated to you, I am Spencer Young Clark. As you probably already know, Molly is more......casual than me. I'm the nerd, and she is the "cool person". Well my "fav." phrase is.....um.....I don't have one. But my (and Molly's) favorite book is, Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Lightning Thief- By Rick Riordan. Farewell my friends!!"